In addition to my academic research on science communication, I have always been actively involved in science communication, public engagement and outreach activities ever since I was an undergraduate. I currently operate as a freelance creative producer, presenter, event manager and science communication trainer. 

I have created, delivered and managed world-class science communication events and activities for a number of organisations. I am an experienced creative producer of stimulating science communication activities and am experienced in taking ideas from conception and turning them in to reality.

I also deliver training courses and workshops on science communication, presentation skills, and social media skills to university students and I am available to provide bespoke training sessions and workshops for interested clients. 

Please contact me directly on with any enquiries. 


Assistant Staff Manager (Edinburgh International Science Festival), 2017

Assistant Staff Manager (Abu Dhabi Science Festival), 2016

Creative Director, Art/Science Indoor Forest of Curiosity, MediaCityUK, 2016

Creative Producer (Salford Science Jam, as part of Manchester Science Festival), 2016

Production Co-ordinator (Beacons for Science, as part of Manchester: European City of Science), 2016

Venue Manager and Presenter (The Times Cheltenham Science Festival), 2016

Event Manager (Edinburgh International Science Festival), 2016

Production Assistant / Lead Producer (Salford Science Jam, as part of Manchester Science Festival), 2015

Science Communicator Team Leader (Abu Dhabi Science Festival), 2012 - 2015

Event Producer/Manager (Edinburgh International Science Festival), 2015

Events Developer (Edinburgh International Science Festival), 2015

Assistant Events Developer (Edinburgh International Science Festival), 2014

Science Communicator (Edinburgh International Science Festival), 2013 - 2014


Touring Science Communicator / Performer (Generation Science), 2012


Science Communicator (Glasgow Science Centre), 2005


Creator / Presenter, "Does cancer screening do more harm than good?" (Edinburgh Fringe Festival) 2016 **Tickets available here**

Judge, "Childhood vaccinations should be compulsory" (Debating Matters Competition), 2015

Judge, "A secular society should not prevent people from acting on their religious beliefs" (Debating Matters Competition), 2015

Creator / Presenter, "Are designer babies a slippery slope for society?" (Edinburgh Fringe Festival), 2014

Performer of Stand-up Science Comedy (Society for General Microbiology AGM), 2012

Creator, "Faster & Stronger: The Genes of Athletes" (A masterclass for the Warwickshire Children's University's Olympic Games Module), 2012

Guest Presenter, Science Chat (BBC Coventry & Warwickshire), 2011

Presenter, "Why do scientists use yeast in the lab?" (Cafe Scientifique), 2010