I am a freelance trainer in science communication and I provide bespoke training courses for a number of diverse clients including festivals of all sizes, large corporate organisations and international clients. Examples of recent training sessions delivered include:

  • “Effective Communication Skills for Classical Musicians”, Cheltenham Music Festival, 2017.
  • "Science Communication for festival volunteers: working with low-science capital audiences", Bradford Science Festival, 2017
  • "Science Communication Skills" SMASHfestUK festival staff and volunteers, 2017
  • “Public Engagement Skills for Engineering Apprentices”, Transport for London, 2017
  • “Public Engagement Skills for Synthetic Biologists”, Warwick Centre for Synthetic Biology, 2016.

I teach at the University of Salford and I lecture on Science Communication at the University of Warwick. In session 2016/17, I am delivering a number of skills training courses to postgraduate students including:

In addition, I am contracted to undertake 180 hours of teaching duties per year. I work in a number of large teaching laboratory sessions, in the newly built state-of-the-art, multi-purpose Bodmer Megalabs within Salford University's School of Environment & Life Sciences. I currently demonstrate in a number of undergraduate & postgraduate laboratory sessions including Biomedical Skills; Biological Skills; Haematology & Transfusion; Disorders of the Blood & Circulatory System; Clinical Immunology; Pathophysiology; Molecular Genetics; and Foundation Year - Scientific Methods..

Previously, I have lectured on the MSc (Med Sci) in Medical Genetics at the Duncan Guthrie Institute of Medical Genetics, University of Glasgow, where I have given lectures on the social dimensions of genetics healthcare and public health (cancer) screening programmes.

Whilst doing my PhD at the University of Warwick, I was a Teaching Assistant in the School of Life Sciences, and before that, the Department for Biological Sciences. I taught in a number of undergraduate labs including Biological & Biomedical Sciences Lab Skills; Genetics; and Clinical Haematology. I also assisted with the supervision of final year students undertaking laboratory research.

In the past, I have also provided private tutoring on the subjects of Molecular Genetics, Clinical Genetics, Biochemical Genetics, and Cytogenetics to students at MSc level.

From 2008 - 2012, I was heavily involved in the pastoral support and welfare of students at the University of Warwick. I began as a Warden and then became a Tutor within the Residential Life Team, where I provided 24/7 pastoral support and guidance to 70 first-year undergraduate students living away from home for the first time. I also acted as the University's Duty Tutor, where I was on-call for any emergency requirement for pastoral/welfare support to any of the 6000 students living on-campus.