In the past, I have researched the molecular basis of conditions such as miscarriage, Down, Edward's and Patau syndromes, using budding yeast as a model organism. 

However, my career has taken me on a journey away from laboratory-based scientific research and I am now studying science from a social and humanistic perspective. 

My current research is two-fold. Firstly, I am researching the role of science festivals in society. I am addressing important questions about science festivals within the broader context of science communication and public understanding of science as a societal aspiration, political need, and democratizing necessity - something that is currently not understood! 

Secondly, I am examining the European Science Open Forum (2016) being awarded to Manchester, which essentially grants it license to adopt the title of 'European City of Science 2016'. I am interested in addressing key questions around ECOS2016 and how the emergence of a year-long celebration of science in society impacts on science communication and public engagement at a regional and national level, whilst addressing key societal, cultural and political issues that surround this title.